Breathing-What does it have to do with Yoga?

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One of the consistent and wonderful things about practicing yoga is that we always feel different at the end of a yoga class than we did at the beginning.  And that difference is positive…we feel calmer, more grounded, and settled. 

 While we often think of the primary focus of yoga in terms of physical exercise (with its inherent benefits of increased flexibility, strength, and endurance), the practice itself is only really yoga when we connect our breath to our movement.  According to current understanding of the autonomic nervous system, we can use diaphragmatic breathing (“the yogic breath”) to down-regulate stress responses. In short, yoga takes us out of the stress mode. And, moving out of a state of stress allows us to reconnect to the present moment, reconnect to others, and reconnect to ourselves.  What could be better? 

Yoga classes can be part of your routine whether on a regular weekly basis or when time allows.  See the First Street Yoga Class Schedule for weekly classes, monthly restorative yoga and upcoming fall workshops – THIS MONTH ON SEPTEMBER 22 – “Pranayama and Meditation” with Carol Daly.