The Kapha Season and the Power of Yoga

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I have to admit that the idea of creating and publishing a “Yoga Post” this morning seems absolutely daunting.  What can one say?  The beginning of 2021 feels like an extension of 2020, but with new and expanding challenges.  And, of course, we are right smack in the middle of the kapha season – winter.

In yoga’s sister science of Ayurveda, Kapha season is the time of year when the natural world withdraws and rests.  Here in the Midwest, Kapha season extends from the frozen days of winter to early spring when the snow melts.  Depending on our own tendencies, Kapha season may provide us with a welcome respite from over activity or conversely leave us feeling weighed down and stuck.  

How does all of this fit in with the power of yoga?  While yoga is wonderful exercise for strengthening and for flexibility, it also holds subtle power as our own personal “energy management system.”  We very literally can design our yoga practice to lift our energy when we are feeling lethargic or to calm us down when life becomes a bit too frenetic. 

Of course, as yoga teachers its our job to design a yoga class that supports you where ever you are today and leaves you feeling balanced with your stores of energy renewed.  If you haven’t had time for yoga yet in 2021, check out our schedule of classes and join Jen, Ann, or myself as your schedule allows.  If you have a “class card” don’t forget that there is NO expiration date.  If you don’t have a card, no worries – come anyway – your first class is free!

Namast, Carol