KAY Kids Yoga at First Street Community Center

In this fast-paced, hustle and bustle world we live in, we often don’t realize how much stress and pressure our kids face. This can get in the way of their inner peace and joy.  KAY (Kidding Around Yoga) Kids Yoga can help counter these pressures and can be beneficial in so many ways. It helps with flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and body awareness. It allows kids to connect more deeply to their inner self and build confidence and self-esteem. The techniques and poses we learn in KAY Kids Yoga help us increase concentration, focus, and a sense of calm. During class we weave in fun and silly games and songs with positive themes and messages like kindness, sharing, and compassion in a non-competitive environment. We stress inclusivity and focus on the self. This allows kids to master new things and increase their determination and perseverance.

In KAY Kids Yoga we learn breathing and relaxation exercises to help calm the nervous system and manage emotions. We reflect inward so they can recognize what they need and handle difficult situations properly. Everything we do in KAY Kids Yoga encourages healthy habits and a positive mind-body connection, which are very important tools to serve them for the rest of their lives!

KAY Kids Yoga is taught by Devon Olberding.  Class is scheduled from 4-4:45 on Mondays for kids ages 5-12.  The cost is $40 for a five punch card or $80 for a ten punch card or $10 drop in.  To register contact First Street Yoga at firststreetyoga@gmail.com or call 319-895-8060.

Full Moon Yoga with Carol Daly

Have you noticed the light of the moon against the dark clear sky the last few nights?  I’ve found it spilling through windows into unlit rooms creating that soft luminous glow that only comes from the moon.  

In the tradition of yoga there is a fundamental recognition of the impact nature, including the cycles of the moon, on our day to day experiences.  The bright and warm daytime sun supports us in the active, outward focus that is needed to get things done. The moon, on the other hand, is cool and reflective with an inward focus that helps us to move toward rest and renewal.  

According to Yoga International, “The aim of hatha yoga is to balance our lunar and solar energies…”.  Our Full Moon Yoga classes are designed to do exactly that. During this 75 minute special class we take the full moon as our inspiration to balance the warm, active, and outwardly oriented sun energy of daily life with the cool, receptive, and inwardly focused moon energy that feeds our creativity and imagination.  

Please join us for Full Moon Yoga THIS SUNDAY, October 13, from 6 – 7:15 pm in Studio A!  To pre-register, email Carol at carolt.daly@gmail.com or call 319-895-8060.  The cost is one class card punch or $15 for drop-in. Full Moon Yoga is an all levels class appropriate for all abilities.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  Carol

Restorative Yoga – The Art of Rest

RE-STOR-A-TIVE “having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well being”

You may have heard about restorative yoga and wondered what exactly it is.  During restorative yoga, props are used to support the entire body in a position of comfort.  Because we are comfortable, it becomes effortless to rest in a position designed to release tight muscles.  As we deeply relax, the body has an opportunity to replenish stores of energy and recover a sense of calmness.

Restorative yoga can be a complement to our more active physical practices of yoga and sports.  And, by preparing the body for stillness, restorative yoga is also a complement to our contemplative practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Restorative yoga is individualized making it appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.   We hope you will join us at First Street Yoga for Restorative Yoga on the first Sunday of the month.  Our next class is Sunday, October 6 from 4 – 5:30pm. To register, email firststreetyoga@gmail.com or call 319-895-8060.  The cost is one class card punch or $15 for drop-in.

Yogis in The News!

As part of our new First Street Yoga website, we hope to connect you to First Street Yoga classes and events through this “Yoga Blog”.  But, because we believe in connections, we also plan to also use this space to share important things that are happening in our community.

This week we have the pleasure of sharing the good news that Laura Rega’s book has been published and is now available on Amazon / Kindle in e-format AND paperback.  Do Turtles Walk Backwards?: Tales of Aging is a book of short stories that cover both simple and complex aspects of aging.  As stories are meant to do, this beautifully written book invites reflection and conversation about the inevitable changes that occur with aging.

To read more or to purchase click here to go directly to Amazon.  And, don’t forget to give a shout out to Laura when you see her around town or in a First Street Yoga class!

Pranayama and Meditation Workshop – Sunday, September 22!

If you’ve looked at the health news recently, you will already know that meditation is one of the most evidence based and universally recommended mindfulness practices.  But, there are many things that may get in the way of an intention to give meditation a try. I know that I’ve told myself that “I just can’t sit and do nothing!” or “I’ve tried, but I couldn’t stop thinking about other things.”  or even “I don’t know, maybe meditation is part of a religion?”  

Well, the truth is that meditation isn’t about religion, turning off your thoughts, or becoming a different person.  According to Wikipedia, meditation is “ …a practice…to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state”, and …”Meditation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and increasing peace, perception, self-concept, and well-being.”  

Pranayama and meditation are cornerstones of yoga and are equally accessible to people with a regular yoga practice as they are to those with little or no experience with yoga.  During the Pranayama and Meditation workshop we will learn basic breathing techniques and follow that experience with a short instructor led meditation. Join us this coming Sunday, September 22 from 4:00 – 5:15 to explore how a systematic approach that includes focused breathing can make meditation accessible.  The cost is one class card punch or $15 for drop in.

To Register, contact First Street Yoga Instructor, Carol Daly, at carolt.daly@gmail.com 


Breathing-What does it have to do with Yoga?

One of the consistent and wonderful things about practicing yoga is that we always feel different at the end of a yoga class than we did at the beginning.  And that difference is positive…we feel calmer, more grounded, and settled. 

 While we often think of the primary focus of yoga in terms of physical exercise (with its inherent benefits of increased flexibility, strength, and endurance), the practice itself is only really yoga when we connect our breath to our movement.  According to current understanding of the autonomic nervous system, we can use diaphragmatic breathing (“the yogic breath”) to down-regulate stress responses. In short, yoga takes us out of the stress mode. And, moving out of a state of stress allows us to reconnect to the present moment, reconnect to others, and reconnect to ourselves.  What could be better? 

Yoga classes can be part of your routine whether on a regular weekly basis or when time allows.  See the First Street Yoga Class Schedule for weekly classes, monthly restorative yoga and upcoming fall workshops – THIS MONTH ON SEPTEMBER 22 – “Pranayama and Meditation” with Carol Daly.